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Patrick Ball : The Legend of Tristan and Iseult CD -

It was on behalf of my everlasting harpist friend Sylvia Woods, that I took knowledge of the fine artistry Patrick Ball  was able to weave, either on his harp or his storytelling....
"He has recorded seven instrumental and three spoken word albums, which have sold well over one-half million copies internationally and won national awards in both the music and spoken word categories. Along with Celtic Harp and Story, his beguiling blend of music and spoken word concerts, Patrick has written and currently performs two acclaimed solo musical theater pieces: O'Carolan's Farewell to Music, which brings to the stage the legendary life and the turbulent times and the glorious music of Ireland's most celebrated and beloved musician, Turlough O'Carolan, and The Fine Beauty of the Island, a musical journey to Ireland's legendary Blasket Islands in search of a deeply haunting tune and the vanished islanders who played it. Patrick also presents an ensemble performance, The Flame of Love, a spoken word and Early Music retelling of the greatest of medieval legends, The Romance of Tristan and Iseult."

Now his new project "The Legend of Tristan and Iseult CD" is almost finishing its crowdfounding campaign at Indiegogo! 

As he quotes, this magnificent tale, even more beautiful when spoken, shall be embelished 
with the sounds of the Celtic harp, the medieval harp, the vielle, the lute, the psaltery, the drum and the singing voice draw the listener deep into the mysteries of the medieval world.

The expense are pretty simple. It's the paying for them that is a challenge:

Recording - $2400.00
Mixing and Mastering - $900.00
Art Design - $800.00

CD Manufacturing - $2400.00 (double CD)

If you can't contribute to his new project "The Legend of Tristan and Iseult CD" 
please pass along your passion for the project to your friends! Indiegogo has wonderful Share Tools which will make it easy to spread the word.

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