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The "Wisdom of the Woods"™ Celtic Tree Oracle Deck (now available in print)


I am glad to announce that the "Wisdom of the Woods"™ Celtic Tree Oracle STANDARD EDITION is AVAILABLE IN PRINT as part of the Celtic New Year celebrations.

You can place your ONLINE ORDER at its OFFICIAL SITE :

  The "Wisdom of the Woods™" Celtic Tree Oracle 

20 Celtic Tree Tarot Size Deck
10 Expansion Tarot Size Deck
One  8 x 10 inches 20 pages Booklet Handbook
One  8 x 10 inches Big Mat Oracle Wheel Board 
One Blue Cloth Bag 
One Celtic Tree Calendar Board
One Celtic Tree Oracle Petitions eBook 

For further information please visit my dedicated

 About the Celtic Oracle Decks and Ogham Divination

I have been attracted by divination techniques since the very first time I saw my grandmother performing her divinatory rituals when I was a little child. Like many other cultures, Celts are also inclined to gain insights into a situation at hand, wonder about future events, auspicious times, the proper candidate for a marriage, or even the correct moment to start a new and successful project.

Through the following years I began to find a great passion for Celtic Tree Lore, developing deep inside me a sheer connection with the spirits of nature and divinities that rule the sacred groves. 

Nowadays, we are not so different from our ancients. Though we have further material control of our lives, we can also experience insecurity in our lives, and some of us appeal to divination in order to find a tip, a hint, an omen, or a hopeful answer.

I created the “Wisdom of the Woods”™ decks and Wheel Board, not only as a divinatory oracle that should be used to predict the future, but a compendium of kennings and symbolism taken from the Ogham Tree alphabet, Druidry, and Celtic lore, in order to be used as a guide or a path to find the answer to our questions.

There is no doubt that Ogham symbols were employed as a ritual secret language. This is not only confirmed by the 15th century treatise "The Book of Ballymote", but also by the Highland Society of Scotland's on its "Dictionary of the Gaelic Language" as the "occult" manner of writing used by the ancient Irish, around the late second century.  

 Oracle Decks and Cleromancy

Oracle and Tarot decks are a development from the “cleromancy”, which is a way of divination that employs sortition, casting of lots, or casting bones or stones, in which an outcome is determined by means that normally would be considered random, such as the casting of sticks, runes, or cards, but are sometimes believed to reveal the will of a deity, or other supernatural entities. 
The technique of throwing tree sticks on a blanket for divination purposes, was precisely cited by the Roman historian Tacitus on his trip to Germany in the 1st century CE . 

We can also speculate that these sticks were thrown over a cloth known as “Fionn’s Window”
(aka "Fionn's Ridgepole"; being“ridgepole” the english for “fedge”) as depicted on page 170 of the “Book of Ballymote”.

Follow now your journey of awakening...
Divining is a healing art!

With dedicated time and practice, you will be able to make a final and inclusive conclusion which resumes the overall oracle aspects of the "Wisdom of the Woods"™ decks and Wheel Board. Always be true to yourself and follow your intuition. Remember that this baggage of ancient knowledge will assist you not only in your reflections and meditations, but also will help you to explore your inner soul and find out the balance in harmony and connection with Mother Earth.

Moreover you will find it useful for clearing up your mind regarding certain moments and events in your life. Regaining your balance and strength, you will certainly find yourself more reflexive upon the faults and fears that threaten us.

Even though you may use this oracle for your own sake, it is quite important for you to develop your inner intuitions and your empathy abilities in order to help querents. With a correct reading of the guidelines it will be more easy for the querent to apply them for his private benefit.

I do firmly believe that Divination is our personal journey to the Otherworld, it is our personal contact with Nature Sprites and Deities who will surely guide us through the correct options, and warn us from negative events in our lives. With the help of course of our Ancestors, who are certainly aware of how the past affects our future in this life.

Follow now your journey of awakening infused by the ogham kennings and wisdom of the trees... Learn about the divination meanings, create a sacred place of your own, and you will then comprehend the magickal reason why the cards are displayed on this way... listen to their luminous message flowing with harmony directly from the source....

The "Wisdom Of The Woods - A Unique and Rare Celtic Tree Oracle" eBook
  is AVAILABLE NOW at the AMAZON Kindle Store.

As part of the whole Oracle project the ebook comprises not only a thorough study on Celtic Divination techniques, Druidry, and shamanic practices, but also a large amount of artworks related to my Celtic Oracle decks and Wheel Board which are the result of my whole study and main purpose of the subject.

Moreover, I designed the whole eBook layout with some cute features and original formatting techniques that embelish the work whenever it is displayed on any Kindle HD, Mobile, PC or Tablet devices.

This eBook delves not only on Celtic Divinaton subjects and motifs, but also includes the "Wisdom of the Woods"™  Handbook for the Oracle Deck and Wheel Board,  available at The Game Crafter.com

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