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"Relaxing Sounds" (2014) - A Collaboration with Patricia Isabel Puricelli

I am proud to share with you this new collaboration of mine with the renowned local harpist Patricia Isabel Puricelli who has been engaged with the Harp and its music since she was very young.

But her passion for the Harp was not only for the execution of the instrument;  she was also dedicated to rescue, restore, and collect Harp models that that traveled long ago, from Europe to South America. She keeps at her own Harp Museum, instruments of the nineteenth century (mainly from the period 1680-1890), brought to Argentina during the "golden" age of the local upper class.

Patricia not only finds great pleasure on restoring these ancient instruments, but also is keen to collect music books from the early twentieth century, which are also autographed with the signatures of Argentine masters of the time.

Since 1992, she performs as 1st. Soloist at the Symphonic Band of the City Council of Buenos Aires.
You may find out more about her activities and music at her Official Site:


She recently asked me to produce for her an album with some of  the music she is used to record at her home studio. As a harpist I have always been inclined to explore the relaxing and healing sounds of this magical instrument, and soon realized that this was just the perfect opportunity to experiment with some of Patricia's recordings. Thus came into the light "Relaxing Sounds", a project album which conveys a special treatment of relaxing melodies and binaural sounds, as means of a musical background to work with our chakras during our daily meditations. Some of the tunes are Celtic, and there is also a hymn, and couple of carols too.

Presently we have 4 tracks live and available at SoundCloud for online streaming on EP format, featuring:

Patricia Isabel Puricelli: Celtic Harp
Cathleen Monroe: Vocals
Eliseo Mauas Pinto: Sound Engineering and Post Production
CD Cover Artwork: Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Wish you a healing musical journey to you all!

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