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"Celtic Tree Wisdom & Magick" (Paperback Edition) by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Greetings to you all!... I am glad to announce that the Paperback Edition of my book "Celtic Tree Wisdom & Magick" is now available at AMAZON both in FULL COLOR  and BLACK AND WHITE Editions.

It was in the 80's when I first acknowledged the existence of a correspondence between Ogham Letters and Sacred Trees, since then I have been studying and staying aware of the never ending mysteries and benefits of Ogham Divination and Nature Worship.

Celts, Norse, and Germanic traditions had always retained a veneration for sacred groves and sacred trees, as part of their own conception of the world. 

Trees are common archetypes among all cultures around the world. In fact, Sacred Trees are found not only in the Celtic one but also in the Norse, Hindu, and Egyptian, to name a few... Even on Christian traditions we can certainly trace the questionable (so called) "pagan" origins of the Christmas tree, a symbolism in unison with the evergreen trees of the eternal life.

Celts had a strong worship of nature sprites, and trees were primarily believed to be the residence of these regent spirits or divinities. Being in fact, a Celtic religion belief accepted nowadays as relatively certain, such as the studies made by Druids about their energy fields, timbers, and medical virtues.

Pliny wrote about the Celts, "They esteem nothing more sacred than the mistletoe and the tree on which it grows. But apart from this they choose oak-woods for their sacred groves, and perform no sacred rite without using oak branches".

Certainly the nowadays custom of of touching wood, to ward off evil or to wish good luck, is a living remnant of the ritual practices of our ancients, a time when they were used to pay respect to the tree and the healing powers of the spirits and deities that inhabited trees and groves.

With the present work you will surely find worthy to learn more about the symbolism of the trees and their relationship with your own inner spirituality.

I wrote this book as a compound of some of the large knowledge written upon this subject, trying to unveil not only those concepts once spread by Robert Graves, but also going a little bit further on, discovering the Magickal Properties of the Sacred Trees and their Diviantory Meaning, their Energy and Healing Powers so highly valued by Tree Huggers like me.

Nature sprites are very powerful if you are able to invoke them, and they can even show up very receptive if the planned ritual is of their like. Basically rituals are held in the wild, in their own environment, where energies are more powerful and mingle with birds, insects and even gasps of wind, as if each and every of them react joining the chants and invocations. I wrote long ago an invocation which is actually my favourite one...

"I have reached this Sacred Place with grace and bone.
 I invite you to join me in my praise as in days of old,
Let us be mingled as if were safe at home."

As I already mentioned, always be thankfull to nature sprites, and before leaving, you may tell them you will return back again for futher contact, and leave a keepsake or an offering for them. As you leave, try to leave the zone the same as you found it, I use the last verses of my invocation to bid adieu:

"Blessings to you who gather around and within
Let me be the music of a swirling branch
Bond my body with the scented barks
and let my longues be your leaves
So as to breath the pureness
Of the clouds above."

You shall certainly discover with this book not only your regent tree, it's magickal properites, and herbal uses and qualities, but also be aware that the bigger and older the tree is, the stronger and soothing is the potential for your healing process. I should confess that  this reconnections  with Nature Sprites I have been experiencing through all these years led me also to  develop a "Celtic Tree Oracle" card deck which I hope to launch and share with you soon."REMEMBER:  Hug A Tree"!

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