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Suggested Albums : ANDY IRVINE with RENS VAN DER ZALM :"PARACHILNA" (2013)

Official Press : New Album out now!
Recorded in the Australian Outback

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Produced by Andy Irvine & Rens van der Zalm

- An album recorded 'in the wild' - 

Andy Irvine's new album is called "Parachilna" - the name of a tiny town between the desert and the Flinders Range mountains in South Australia where a lot of it was recorded. With thanks to the Prairie Hotel!

Andy and his good friend and musical companion, Rens van der Zalm recorded 10 tracks in various woolsheds, shearers quarters and school rooms in the area during a wonderful journey in the Australian winter of July 2012.

The songs were recorded in the "wild" but thanks to modern technology and the skill of recording, editing and mixing engineers, the finished article sounds much like a studio recording.

As a frequent visitor to Australia over the last 30 years, Andy has always been very interested in Australian folk music and has wanted to make an Australian album. This is nearly it!
However, the songs are mixture of Irish and Australian.
Andy & Rens play and sing songs from their Irish repertoire like "I wish I was in Belfast Town", "Come to the Bower", "Farewell to Kellswater" and Australian songs that Andy has either written during his travels there or traditional songs like "Sergeant Small" and "Outlaw Frank Gardiner".

Andy plays mandola, bouzouki, harmonica and sings and Rens plays fiddle, guitar, mandolin, viola and sings harmony. The songs were recorded live.

 1. I wish I was in Belfast Town  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
 2. Come to the Bower  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine) 
 3. Billy Far Out  (Andy Irvine)
 4. Sergeant Small  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
 5. The Dandenong  (Trad. Arr. Kate Burke / Andy Irvine)
 6. Braes of Moneymore  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
 7. Outlaw Frank Gardiner  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
 8. He Fades Away  (Alistair Hulett)
 9. Farewell to Kellswater  (Trad. Arr. Andy Irvine)
10. Douglas Mawson  (Andy Irvine)

Album is now available from Andy's website www.andyirvine.com/albums/Parachilna.html

Andy will be on tour in Australia & New Zealand between December 2013 and March 2014.
Further information at www.andyirvine.com

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