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My New Ebook: "The Clay Book" is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD

I am glad to share with you my new Ebook  "The Clay Book" which is now available for FREE DOWNLOAD at SMASHWORDS.

Celebrating the 76th anniversary of the departure of the celebrated “cosmic horror” American author Howard Phillips Lovecraft, and on the 32th of the first edition of my short story "The Book of Clay" on the Literary Magazine "New Writings", I thought it was appropriate to share it with you on eBook format, both in Spanish and English versions.

These were times when my questions of youth were torn between the real and the unknown, into the hidden mysteries and latent mystical beliefs. In those days, literature and mythology were both my channels of experimentation and discovery. The stories of suspense and horror were my favorite ones , and like many other readers I began devouring reams of authors such as Edgar Alan Poe, Arthur Macken, and Lord Dunsany, without neglecting the cute gothic ghost stories by Ann Radcliffe.

While enlisting many medieval literature volumes, specially of Arthurian romances, I began to discover a new genre, that of "heroic fantasy", thanks to a story by Robert E Howard (creator of the “Conan the Barbarian” saga) published on an anthology of several authors who were featured on the Weird Tales magazine. The magic and the epic, the mythology and the fantasy, the ancient and the medieval, were present in this genre I began to discover. Robert E Howard had an incredible prose, and reading one day one of his biographies I discover the name of HP Lovecraft who was his close friend; discovering some months laters the works of all the Writers Circle who kept the cosmogony designed by him in the Cthulu Mythos, rated as a pseudomithology by Lovecraft himself, which was never systematized, but recreated by one of his followers, August Derleth.

We could say that his stories take place in a temporary space, which is known to us, but in truth the chaos erupts from a quantum dimension and when this happens it breaks the delirium of the unpredictable. Thus the writer develops his full potential in a perfect handling of Chaos : "the inability of a man to attend all events of a specific space at a given time, bearing the concepts of random, obscure, random, uncertainty ... in opposition to the order of a ratio or logos as possible. "

What amazed me most about Lovecraft and his gender, is the way he delves into the collective archetypes, the way myths amalgamae with real terrors. We can perceive there are no more ghosts but primordial gods of dimensions beyond our cosmos and fighting for clinging to this ordinary world.

"The Book of Clay" is my first short story influenced by this genre I like to call "neo-terrifying fantasy", focusing in the Myths of Chulhu devised by H.P.Lovecraft. Enrolled in this literary movement I wrote afterwards many more stories that I will be  sharing with you as an anthology in a future issue.

I leave you now with the characters and the company of an omniscient storyteller who unwittingly begins to acknowledge that his world has stopped from being as normal as it used to be.

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