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Celtic Poems: "Sweet Spirit of the Woods"

Sweet Spirit Of The Woods

Sweet spirit of the woods
Come along with cloak of gold
Pass me your cup or dew
Filled with secrets never  told

Carry me to your mound
Let me slip into your lair
Where harps sound profound
And food and mead is so fair.

You that tend the colourful bed of Mabon,
with tempting romance and beating heart.
Keep on painting tapestries of tinsel and red,
till mild Autumn comes with leaves and bark.

You are the pulse of my blood
The colour of the rose bud
Bare feet young and cold
Warm lips, ruby and bold.

Cast your magic spell on me
Let me taste the essence of life
Teach me how the trees grow
On each fruit, on each nut

You know why birds sing so sweet,
The brook flows so pure on spring,
The grass on summer stays green,
And fountains on winter stay asleep.

Wild flowers await for your smile
You paint their colours and glam disguise
Wild animals await for your touch
That cuddles with rhymes their fluffy hearts

I am your passionate mortal
Many full moons have passed
Show me the way to the path
That leads me to your palace

If our love is not meant to be
I would rather stay lonely
Like a stranded boat on the sea
Like a song with no melody

 Eliseo Mauas Pinto
(c) 2011 

As featured on my book "The Butterfly Book of Celtic Poems" available from Amazon both on Kindle and Paperback formats. 

"The Butterfly Book of Celtic Poems" is a special collection of poems I began to write from the very first time I felt the magical upbeat of my Celtic heart. It is my wish to invite all of you to discover a common tradition, a living identity which should not be alien to those who are partakers and lovers of the Celtic legacy, and the many aspects of bardic poetry in a contemporary society.

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