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Lunar Calendar: The Spirit Moon

This is a time for Power.

In the calendar system we have provided as an example, this moon is often typically named the Spirit Moon. This name refers to the return to the spiral path in the endless journey of renewal and rebirth embarked upon by all earth spirits seeking to find their way through life.

In many other belief systems there are already time-honored traditions for the establishment of a calendar. We have encluded a few examples here for you to consider.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar this moon is The Secret of the Unhewn Stone and is observed on December 23rd.

The Runic Calendar of Nordic traditions, (which is governed by half months rather than full months), this moon is known as Nyd (Necessity) from November 13th through November 27th, and Is (Ice) from November 28th through December 12th.

The Goddess Calendar names this moon of the year after Cailleach and runs from October 31st through November 27th.

However you know this moon, as the Spirit Moon, the Blue Moon, or the Hogmanay Moon, this moon speaks to Strengthened communication with the spirits, the elements, and the self in order to prepare for the coming transformation through the greatest darkness.

The deities holding sway over this particular moon all have an awareness of the present moment as a common thread in their desciptions. Vesta, the Roman goddess and patroness of fire is an archetypal symbol of the eternal present, and Decima (for which the month of December was named) is the second of the three fates and the personification of the present.

This attention to the present moment in the endless spiral that is the wheel of the Year signifies a paradox of time and timelessness, Youth in age and age in youth, life in death and death in life, light in darkness and darkness in light.

It is simultaneously a signal of the end of one year and the beginning of the next and in this time of transition and transformation change and creativity will be found the heart of the greatest of all mysteries.

So, with all that information to guide you, it may be best to observe this moon as the cocoon in which you will spin the best and most satisfying version of your life to unfold and reveal with the next turn of the Wheel of the Year.

If you select a personal name for this moon, it should be one that calls to mind the endless renewal of your evolving inner spirit as it prepares to begin again a journey through the spiral path.

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