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Divinations for the Blood Moon (10-15-12 to 11-23-12)

This is a time for sacrifice.

This is a time for moving beyond sacrifice to find the pathway to justice, balance and harmony.

This is a time for moving beyond sacrifice to seek renewal.

This is a time for moving beyond sacrifice to accept your place in the endless spiral of karma.

This is a most appropriate time to lament all your losses, and then... move beyond them to let go.

Just as the Summer King has sacrificed the fullness of the harvest to ensure the survival of his land through the coming Winter, the aftermath of your sacrifices will provide the shelter of warm friendships to nurture and fortify your spirit through whatever darkness may lie ahead.

Perhaps you know this as the Cold Moon, the Fog Moon, the Blood Moon, the Beaver Moon, or St. Martin's Moon. However you name this moon, you know it as a time of endings and beginnings.

The necessity of accomplishing tasks before the coming Winter makes them utterly impossible is highlighted by increasing darkness and apparent decline.

From the end of this season shall the beginnings of the next season grow.

Just as all futures spring out of the past.

Just as tomorrow emerges from yesterday.

And so, we find ourselves on the threshold of this special moment of transition. The birds know it. The trees know it. The whole world can feel the Wheel of the Year turning from the season of Summer's light to the season of Winter's darkness.

In this increased darkness the link forged between the world of the flesh and the world of the spirit is strengthened just as the veil between these two worlds is pierced on All Hallows Eve, Samhain, The Feast of the Dead. It is said that on this night, passage through the veil is eased and communication with the world of spirit is clarified.

So, Sweetheart... since feasting is traditional, snuggle up here by the fire and I'll throw another cup of something special in the cauldron while we wait for our very own feast to cook. We should also put some of our feast out on the doorstep for the spirit world to share. They will be masked so we won't easily know them, but, giving to the masked is sort of customary in this season, isn't it?

Today it's the stuff of tradition that makes happy childhood Trick or Treat memories... but in time gone by this was a way to give or get charitable offerings without embarrassing the needy by identifying them.

Funny how traditions can change so much... and still hold on to some of their original meaning... isn't it? .

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