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Lunar Calendar: The Spiral Moon (November 25th to December 23rd)

This is a time for Renewal.

In the calendar system we have provided as an example, the first new moon following October 31st is often known as the Spiral Moon to reflect the spiral path known to all spiritual journeyers. This moon will contain the Winter Solstice and will convey the energy of slow change, contemplative meditation and preparation for the re-birth of light as the days begin to lengthen after the Solstice.

In many other belief systems there are already time-honored traditions for the establishment of a calendar. We have encluded a few examples here for you to consider.

In the Celtic Tree Calendar the moon containing the winter solstice is Ruis (Elder) which runs from November 25th to December 23rd.

The Runic Calendar of Nordic traditions, (which is governed by half months rather than full months), divides this moon of the year by Jara (Year) from December 13th through December 27th, and Eoh (Yew Tree) from December 28th through January 12th.

The Goddess Calendar names this moon of the year after Astraea and runs from November 28th through December 25th.

This is a time for renewal, reaffirmation, and re-dedication. The moon of the winter solstice brings an opportunity to appreciate the return of light to the winter darkened world, and with it the slow change of contemplation and preparation for the re-birth of spring.

This Moon will also bring the Winter Equinox, celebrated as Yule. In pagan traditions Yule represents the birth and return of the light of the world as from the longest night of the Winter Solstice there comes a gradual lengthening of the days and shortening of the darkness.

Whether you know this as The Wolf Moon, The Snow Moon, The Elder Moon, or The Spiral Moon, you will see the transition of rulership from the Cailleach (The Veiled Woman) an aspect of the old goddess. She governs the time of letting go manifested by the seed falling from the mother plant.

As the seed falls the transition to the birth of many solar saviors and dying gods celebrated at the end of December is completed. These saviors include Osiris, Adonis, Helios, Mithras, Jesus, Balder, Frey, and Baal and this birth confers upon these deities similar titles such as The Light of the World, The Sun of Righteousness, and The Undefeated Sun. The festival of Christmas is a wonderful example of the amalgam of many religious traditions both ancient and modern and reflects the influences of Pagan, Christian, Mithriac, Jewish, and Zoroastrian beliefs.

So, with all that information to guide you, think of this moon as the purist visionary beginning of your own personal year and observe it with things that reflect the renewal inherent new beginnings.

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