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"Valedhelven" : My collaboration with an artist from Faerie

Thanx to a stamp made for my deviantArt friend Elena Dudina, to whom I had already dedicated a post, I had the chance to enter the magical elven world of *Valedhelven , a world of fantasy, enchanted woods, and mystical ladies that gazed upon me while spying their beauties and silky hairs….
But it was one work in particular that allured me a lot… it was none other but her “Elven Beastmistress” artwork, a masterpiece that made me suddenly recall about the story of Gwenwyven, a celtic lady that wandered the paths of my imagination for long, a novel of my own never written yet...
It is no doubt that this is one of those moments when the creation finds the artist... and in this case it was a pleasure for me to discover such a nice female being called Ellen aka *Valedhelven whose friendship now I treasure a lot...
Click on the image to get full access to this magnificent piece along with the collaboration of mine.
But let me share with you some cool retrospective answers of this talented artist now, a very camera-shy girl who has never had any formal training in Photoshop (in her own words).
She currently lives in the Midwestern U.S., loves all things fantasy: Elves, Mermaids, Dragons... ! Adores the therapeutic value of creating new images, but loves the chance to make new friends and make people smile even more :) Sometimes has a hard time juggling artwork and "real life" responsibilities, but does her best anyway.
A romantic girl who loves the rain: walking in it, swimming in it, gardening in it... "I love the smell of it and everything about it" (in her own words).
Short Self Questionary
1. What does your Deviant art name mean and why?
"Valedhelven" is a name I came up with many MANY years ago for a character I used to play when I was young and nerdy (nerdier...) and played D&D all the time - lol! It is an Elvish name (surprise, surprise) made up from parts I found in the back of the Lord of the Rings - Return of the King... "When I was your age, television was called 'books...'" (and I will make a stamp for the first person who can name the movie that quote is from, and an extra surprise to the first one who bothers to look up what the Elvish parts of my name mean and tells me correctly...)
2.What are your top 3 favorite books series of books? (not mangas)
1. Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien
2. The Belgariad by David Eddings
3. the Drow series by R.A. Salvatore

...although lately I have discovered the Amelia Peabody series and am having a ball reading them - something entirely new for me!
3. Name 3 of your favorite bands/singers
:cd: 1. The Corrs
:cd: 2. Celtic Woman
:cd: 3. Pat Benetar

A quote from Celtic Sprite :
My acknowledgments to you kind Ellen for this special joint-venture, let's keep our paths into Faerie Land ☼
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