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Suggested Albums: Siobhan Owen : "Lilium" -2010-

Hi to all!... I have recently contacted this young harpist and singer through Facebook. When requested about her first steps on celtic music she kindly replied:

"Well, I was born in Wales. I'm Welsh on my father's side and Irish on my mother's. I started classical voice training when I was 9 and when I was 12, one of my singing teachers taught me how to sing "My Lagan Love" with the Gaelic lilt. She... had a Scottish background. My voice suited that type of singing so I learnt other Celtic songs.

When I was 14 French singer/harpist Cecile Corbel (who I met on myspace) was coming over to Australia to perform. She asked me to sing at one of her shows in Adelaide. I sang 2 songs with her accompanying me on harp. I fell in love with the harp and decided to learn how to play harp. I've been playing for over 2½ years now, and love it. I feel like I have a friend up on stage with me when I perform with my harp! :)"


17 year old Siobhan was born in Wales with Welsh and Irish heritage. Classically trained, Siobhan turns her haunting soprano voice and delicate harp playing to a repertoire of traditional Celtic songs. At a young age she has already recorded three albums, won classical and folk awards and has played at many major festivals. She is a truly enchanting performer.
Early Start

Siobhan has been singing since she was very young. At 9 years of age she gave her first major solo performance in a "Riverdance" style show called "Shades of Green" which toured South Australia. She recorded her first CD "With Love From Siobhan" at the age of 10 as a gift for family and friends. When Siobhan was 12 she gave her first major solo performance at the Adelaide Festival Theatre, singing the beautiful “My Lagan Love”. Siobhan has been a winner of many local Eisteddfods and competitions since her first Eisteddfod in 2003.
Classical Music

Over the last couple of years Siobhan has given 4 solo "Lunch Hour Recitals " for Recitals Australia, and will be giving her 5th Recital in September 2010. Siobhan won the 2008 AMEB Grade 5 Singing Prize, and has been invited to sing at the 2009 AMEB "High Achievers' Concert" after gaining a High Distinction (A+) for her Grade 6 Singing Exam. She also won the 2009 Adelaide Eisteddfod "Junior Vocal Championship". Siobhan is studying Classical Voice at Adelaide University's Elder Conservatorium.
Celtic Music

Siobhan has performed at many Celtic/Folk events, including the following festivals:

* Adelaide Fringe Festival (SA) - 2008 & 2010
* Port Celtica Festival (SA) - 2007, 2008, 2009 & 2010
* Kapunda Celtic Festival (SA) - 2008, 2009 & 2010
* Fleurieu Folk Festival (SA) - 2008, 2009 & 2010
* National Folk Festival (ACT) - 2009 & 2010
* Australian Celtic Festival (NSW) - 2009
* National Celtic Festival (VIC) - 2009 & 2010
* Cygnet Folk Festival (TAS) - 2010 & 2011
* Tamar Valley Folk Festival (TAS) - 2010
* Woodford Folk Festival (QLD) - 2010/11

Siobhan was voted "Most Outstanding Emerging Artist" in the 2009 South Australian Folk Awards and was a finalist in the 2010 National Youth Awards.

The Harp

Siobhan was invited to sing at the 2008 Adelaide Fringe Festival with French singer/harpist Cecile Corbel and her band after they met on Myspace! Singing with Cecile inspired Siobhan to learn to play the harp. Siobhan now often accompanies her beautiful singing on harp - an ethereal blend! She presented her own Fringe Festival show in 2010.
Other Interests


In spite of her short age, Siobhan owns three recordings, being ""Lilium" her last one.

Lilium - the Lily - symbolises Purity, Beauty and Serenity, so is a fitting title for Siobhan's third album which has been produced to showcase the purity and beauty of Siobhan's voice and the serenity of her delicate harp playing. Siobhan, who celebrated her 17th Birthday part way through the recording process, started classical voice lessons at the age of 9 and took up the harp 2 years ago. Born in Wales with Welsh and Irish heritage, it's no wonder Siobhan has inherited a love of music and embraced her Celtic background! Siobhan is a student at Adelaide University's Elder Conservatorium of Music, studying Classical Voice.

These beautiful acoustic songs have been recorded in an intimate concert style setting. The Celtic pieces were recorded at Chapel Lane Studio with Siobhan accompanying herself on her Celtic Harp. The Classical pieces were recorded at the University of Adelaide's "Hartley Concert Room" with Malcolm Day on the Steinway Grand Piano. The bonus track on the CD is a jazz piece "It's Only a Paper Moon" which was recorded at Chapel Lane Studio.

Listen to the album sampler on Siobhan Owen official link

On this video Siobhan Owen renders a cute version of the song"Tha mi Sgith"

I first heard this song from the playing of the renowned breton harpist Alan Stivell... definitely a haunting song....Fairy tales are commonplace, but have you heard of a fairy song?

Well, Tha mi Sgìth is reportedly a fairy song!
The other well known title, Buain na Rainich, means Cutting The Bracken.

There are many variations of the story relating to this song, but one version says that the song was originally sung by a fairy who caught sight of a beautiful girl when he was cutting bracken. They fell in love, but alas there was no fairytale ending. When her family learned of the love, they stopped the girl from seeing the fairy and they locked her away. His song mourns the situation. The tune of this song is very old and it is often used as a lullaby. In Cape Breton though, it is often used as a Puirt à beul!
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