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Loreena Mc Kennitt : Her introduction to the book "From The Holy Mountain" by William Dalrymple

Loreena Mc Kennitt has always been fond of travelling and researching sources of inspiration during the creation of her works... Hereby I share with you her own introduction to the scotsman William Dalrymple's work, which is in fact one of his favourite writers on this subject. All rights reserved by the authors.

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By far the best companions I’ve had when travelling have been books and the enchanting, beguiling, confiding voices of the writers who created them. Not all these texts that I carry, dog-eared and well-loved and crammed into suitcases, have been books of travel writing, of course, but it is true that many of my most enjoyable journeys both actual and imaginative have been taken in the company of the great travel writers. One of my very favourite writers, the Scotsman William Dalrymple, provided great inspiration during the creation of my album The Book Of Secrets via his book From The Holy Mountain . Since then, I’ve eagerly delved into his many other excellent works and followed his engaging, erudite and compelling articles for British newspapers and magazines around the world.

As much of what I attempt to do with my recordings is a kind of musical travel writing – evoking history, places, atmospheres, people and cultures via lyrics and music – I have always wondered how the great travel writers approached their work. I am happy to offer, via this website, an exclusive article from the pen of Mr Dalrymple himself, who generously offers his insights and advice on the craft to would-be travel writers as well as to the rest of us who are content to follow those intrepid literary travellers in our imaginations. I feel certain you will enjoy his account of the travel writer’s art as much as I have, and hope that you will investigate his work further via his website and the shelves of your local library or bookshop. - LM

How to Write a Travel Book
by William Dalrymple
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