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Suggested Albums: Covalbú - "Mai" ("Mother")

"Mai" ("Mother") is the debut album of the galician folk band COVALBLÚ , a mixture of folc, traditional music and fusion of styles, that is it COVALBLÚ who bursts onto the music scene today.
My harpist friend Clara Pino (ex-Sete Saias) is part of this group with this self-production, a recurrent phenomenon in the Galician Folc scene.

Songs sung with the voices of Clara and the cellist Abel Afonso in a modern musical concept that assumes, mostly, the authorship of songs, without neglecting traditional pieces, and a theme created for them by Rodrigo Romani ( former harpist of the Galician group "Milladoiro").

COVALBLÚ arises in 2007 due to the interest of its five components for the traditional music of Galicia, and also as a result of the experience of its members in different former groups (Sete Saias, Faltriqueira, Fuxan os Ventos, Quempallou) and performances at major festivals such as those of Ortigueira or Lorient.

Recorded and mixed by Isaac Miller, produced by the same group, "Mai" is a masterpiece in the key of Folc. A true exercise in perfect balance for the musical benefit of the listener.

The five tools that make the group sound (Celtic harp, violin, classical guitar, cello and percussion), together with the two voices, are quite suitable for wrapping up the development of this proposal, layed upon basically on an acoustic basis.
In addition, music and art join forces in this work by the cover designed by renowned artist Xavier Maghallaes, which makes "Mother" a very complete musical work, with a rather interesting result.

Feel free to listen to some tracks from the album on their official website:

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