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dotCYM: Campaign in Wales for the web domain ".cym"

Official Press . Why dotCYM?
Because the Welsh language and culture is a community that we believe should be identified and enhanced by having its own sponsored TLD on the Internet. Under a .CYM sponsored TLD those organisations, companies and people that express themselves in the Welsh language and/or wish to encourage Welsh culture will be able to be registered and will be clearly identifiable.

The dotCYM campaign was formed by a group of like-minded individuals drawn from the fields of commerce, computer programming and design, public relations, law and publishing who saw the need for a Top Level Domain for the Welsh language community.

A .cym TLD will play a strategic role in validating Welsh culture and language in an age of increasing globalisation. It will make it easier for individuals and groups who wish to associate with the community to identify with other users around the world. The success of the dotCYM campaign will unite the Welsh-speaking communities across Wales, the UK, and the rest of the world. There are historic Welsh communities in North and South America, as well as Australia.

The success of the dotCYM campaign will confirm that the World Wide Web really is multi-national and a multilingual medium.

It will also play a pivotal role in promoting further the use of the Welsh language on the World Wide Web as a modern medium of communication. The relative cost effectiveness of the web compared to traditional print publishing also makes the web especially attractive to smaller language communities such as Welsh and is a great emancipator.

Large parts of open source software are already available in Welsh such as Open Office. The Linux system is available in Welsh, and work is ongoing to create a Welsh language version of Mac OS X. Following negotiations with the Welsh Language Board Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office is also now available in Welsh. Google also offers a Welsh language interface for its search engine.

The next step is a Welsh language TLD. Large companies such as Microsoft and Google have already realised the opportunities gained by offering services in Welsh, and in other languages of choice, for millions of speakers of languages other than the more conventional larger languages. It is now extremely important that the organisations who run the World Wide Web also grasp the opportunity to support online language communities, such as Welsh.

Wales is not an independent country, but the Welsh language has more speakers than languages of independent European countries such as Icelandic (240,000) and Faroese (70,000). Although the web was originally and still predominantly an English language medium, the world wide web is now going through a dynamic period of linguistic democratisation, of which the increasing presence and use of Welsh is one reflection.

According to research made in 2002, Welsh is the 42nd most widely written language on the web and the 56th most widely written language on the international Wikipedia above larger language communities, including state languages, such as Macedonian, Latvian, Tagalog and Tamil. There are many Welsh language blogs, popular Discussion Forums, and a Welsh language Web-mail service.
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The Welsh-speaking community has always seen itself as a literary community with the pen taking precedent over the sword. The development of the language has been a source of inspiration. The World Wide Web gives the Welsh language an opportunity to create its own niche that it already enjoys on the field of sport and to a growing degree in politics.
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