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Loreena McKennitt : The Quinlan Road Mail Order Service

Hereby some interesting thoughts of Loreena about art versus business regarding her QR now online catalogue:

"I have to confess that I've always had rather mixed feelings about the subject of merchandise. I never wanted to confuse the business - and, of course, the enjoyment and hopefully the art - of making music with the business of making and selling clothing. When we are on the road, however, particularly as we strive to continue to play in venues intimate enough to keep the experience enjoyable for you, merchandise sales become a fundamental part of financing those tours. And, trankly, they become ever more nec-essary the larger an entourage we bring on the road with us.
Of course, as you will see in our catalogue, making and selling such items is never merely a matter of dollars and sense; I know I have myself often wanted to mark my participation in an event or concert with a memento. With that in mind, we have endeavoured to expand the small repertoire of iems we sell via our Quinlan Road mail order service with things which we hope will be of interest or use to you..." - LM- Official Press

Our intention in offering this service is to augment, rather than replace, the important role played by local retailers. If you have any questions regarding an order you wish to place, or an order you have already placed, please do not hesitate to contact us at shopping@quinlanroad.com (or visit Contact Us for more options)

All of Quinlan Road 's online orders are processed and fulfilled by our partner, the Canadian music sales company Maple Music . Their service is offered in English and French only. If you are not comfortable ordering online in English or French, see our Purchase Options page.

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