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Suggested Albums: "A Winter Garden" (1995) Loreena Mc Kennitt comments the release

Winter 1995 - Official Press

I find myself amongst the many people who marvel, the arrival of autumn as if it were a great surprise, as it had never happened before, and I find I am feeling the change of seasons like no other in the year. The year.. .hmmm, well, it has been a busy one, shifting from the last touring associated with "The Mask And Mirror" (which ended in March in Australia and New Zealand to the beginning of the next musical cycle. As before, it begins with threads of interest remaining from the pre-vious recording.

I am still casting the net, so to speak, for the themes of the next album, but it is likely to have some aspect of Italy and Celtic/Italian history to it. Accordingly, I have already made a few trips to Italy over the course of the spring and summer this year. Until I am further along with the creative process, it is difficult to predict the release date of the next recording, but it would certain-ly not be before late 1996.

On one of my trips overseas this year, I assembled my regular complement of musicians, along with some very special musical guests, at Real World Studios outside of Bath in England. The primary objective was to investígate the resultant musical chemistry, and to that end, I chose some Christmas and winter carols as vehicles for the exploration. Although we_ had only three days for the experiment, with some fourteen musicians including myself in the mix, we had a wonderful time. The results can be heard on a five song EP called "A Winter Garden: Five Songs For The Season", which should be available in stores in most parts of the world in early to mid-November.

Other things I might mention include the fact that the song "The Mystic's Dream", from "The Mask And Mirror", can be heard in the Paramount film "Jade", and the live concert recording made in San Francisco in the spring of 1994 (and originally released as a radio promotion tool in the US) will be available by mail order for a limited time for those who would like to hear ií while avoiding paying asíronomical sums via specialist collector shops. Finally, I will be touring with The Chieftains in Japan in late November/early December, although these will likely be the last concert appearances before the next album.

EP Track List

1. Coventry Carol [Live]
2. God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen
3. Good King Wenceslas
4. Snow Listen
5. Seeds of Love

Celtic Sprite quote:
This tracks were lately included on Loreena's album "A Midwinter's Night Dream" released on October 28, 2008

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