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Heaven On Earth (two video clips) 2 + 1 minutes

Marrakesh Night Market, Greek TV 1998 (video) 5 minutes

Stolen Child Live in Winnipeg 8/10/02 (on piano, not harp) (video) 5 minutes

The Lady of Shalott Live in Winnipeg 8/10/02 (video) 4,5 minutes

The Bonny Swans (video clip) 1,5 minutes

The Mummer's Dance (video clip) 1,5 minutes

The Mummer's Dance Live at Letterman Show (video) 3,5 minutes

No Journey's End (video clip) 1 minute

Loreena travels to Mongolia (video) 3,5 minutes

} Audio

Loreena Mc Kennitt's Official " Interview Corner"

Folk Alley Interview (audio) 23 minutes

Iceberg Radio Interview (audio) 25 minutes

Penelope's Song Live on Radio Canada + Interview (audio) 9 minutes

4 songs on World Cafe + Interview (audio) 27 minutes (special mix of Caravanserai)

Interview RAC1 Barcelona March 18 (audio) 25 minutes (Click on Mar 18, 12h) Starts at 22,40 min

Live at Alhambra videos:

The Mystic's Dream, The Lady Of Shalott, The Mummer's Dance (video clip) 5,5 minutes

Penelope's Song Live at Alhambra (video) 4,5 minutes

Caravanserai Live at Alhambra (video) 5,5 minutes

Live at Barnes & Noble videos:

Penelope's Song, Live at Barnes & Noble (video) 4,5 minutes

Stolen Child, (on piano) w/ Brian Hughes (video) 5 minutes

Raglan Road, Live at Barnes & Noble (video) 6,5 minutes

Live 2007 videos:

Penelope's Song, Live in France, Feb 9 (video) 3 minutes

Sites of Band Members:


Brian's Myspace page


Hugh's Myspace page



Caroline's Myspace page


Tal Bergman's Myspace page

Tim Landers

Ben Grossman

Ben Grossman's Myspace page

Steafan Hannigan's Myspace page

NIGEL EATON's The Duellists

Fan Sites:

Patrik Wikström’s: Wikstromtree

Discussion list old-ways maintained by Christian Walter

The Loreena McKennitt Journey by Tracie Pascoe

Fabrizio Fiorucci's Loreena Page (beware of MIDI-files !!)

A Tribute to Loreena McKennitt by Joseph Lee

Lucien A. Stam's Loreena McKennitt Page

Colin Glassey's Music of Loreena McKennitt

The Winter Garden by Julia E. Linthicum

Jos van Geffen's Loreena McKennitt page

The Goddess Remembered by Amanda Kummel

Aaron McMahon web page, now maintained by Michelle Bowers (not updated)

The Mystic's Zine by Richard Lester

FolkLib Index for Loreena McKennitt

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