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Memorable Data: 1988 – 3rd issue of “ITH” - the official magazine of the “Irmandade Celtiga” from Galicia, Spain.

Hi to all, I would like to share with you this scan of the front cover of ITH, the official magazine of the “Irmandade Celtiga” from Galicia, Spain. This is their 1988 3rd issue, plenty of interesting reviews, and collaborations according to the aims of the C.B.: “the publishing of all the studies carried out by individual teams, as well as articles, essays, illustrations, stories, poetry, musical compositions, etc. in the Celtic style”.

The piper depicted on the front cover is the late Manuel Rilo Pardo one of the most prominent pipers from Betanzos, Galicia, Spain, who died on May 1907. He used to play in the "traditional" style ; winner of more than 27 prizes at local competitions,was an expert performing "muiñeiras" (6/8 dancing tunes).

“On number two of our ITH magazine we progressed on a new Celtic spirit and try to settle it on this number, this is an ambitious idea, which considers internal debate ... The culture has the borders we want to impose to it; on that limitation resides our strength, since our power is based on culture.” (paragraphs extracted from the Prologue)

The magazine was coordinated by one of the most relevant musicians from Galicia: Xose Bieito Romero Copo, member of the C.B. and founder and lead piper/accordion player /composer of the famous folk band “Luar na Lubre” as well, who also collaborated with some reviews.

Let us mention that “Ith” was the leader of the first Celtic invasion to Ireland from the Iberian Peninsula; from Breogan's Tower, Ith first saw Ireland, 900 kilometres north of A Coruña, Galicia, Spain.

This tale is found in the last chapter of the Lebor Gabála Érenn (The Book of the Taking of Ireland) in reference to the Milesians or "Sons of Míl" who, according to this legend, would be the first wave of Celts arriving into Irish shores.

It was compiled and edited by an anonymous scholar in the 11th century, a mixture of mythology, legend, history, folklore and Christian historiography. It is usually known in English as The Book of Invasions or The Book of Conquests, and in Modern Irish as Leabhar Gabhála Éireann or Leabhar Gabhála na hÉireann.
A large statue of Breogán (Ith’s father) has been erected near the Tower of Hercules.

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