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Memorable Data: 1980/1990 - “ASTOR” - the official magazine of the “Lliga Celta d’Asturies” from Asturias, Spain

Hi to all, I would like to share with you this scan of the front cover of a couple of issues of “ASTOR”, the official magazine of the “Lliga Celta d’Asturies” from Asturias, Spain. These are their 4th and 8th issues featuring the two different formats that the publication had. On this magazine the “Lliga Celta d’Asturies” (Celtic League from Asturias) spread their work, as well as other research collaborations, contributed by people outside of the C.L.A. and even from other countries, related of course to Asturias and Celtic culture in general.

Issued quarterly. It was distributed in the Asturian territory and elsewhere in Spain or outside the country, other countries of the so-called Celtic and with whom they maintained a cultural exchange.

On their ASTOR #17th in coincidence with the C.L.A.’s anniversary, it was announced that only monographs with no reviews would be published. Subsequently three issues dedicated to researches on “Celtic Laws” were published as last numbers of this memorable magazine.

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