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Memorable Data: The 1997 Welsh Bardic Festival in Patagonia -( 1997)

On October of 1997 I was invited to play gaelic harp by the Welsh Community in Patagonia. It was during the Eisteddfod celebrations which are held since inmigration times by the year 1865 in Argentina. I was honoured to play within the Bardic Circle, a rare and unique invitation since it was the first and only occasion that a harp was played for this ceremony when the new archdruid is elected. Eisteddfod means "to be sit down" referring to the bardic chair where the elected archdruid and winner of the welsh cultural competition in crowned. Above: Bardic Chair at the Welsh Museum in the town of Gaiman, Chubut, Argentina.

Flyer and Program issued for the event including details of the Festival and artists

Decalogue of the Patagonian Eistedvod
1 - Chubut Eistedvod literary festival is a musical celebration that launched the Welsh settlers in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.
2 - If you participate in the Eistedvod you are enjoying the oldest cultural tradition of the province.
3 - The commission of the Eistedvod, which you may be contacted either verbally or in writing, would welcome any suggestions or constructive criticism to help improve the organization and development of the festival.
4 - Each assistant to the Eistedvod has learned its location. Try to stay in their own and recognize the right of others to occupy the place assigned to it.
5 - You are not obliged to remain in the hall. Take advantage of small intervals in order to enter and exit.
6 - The hall needs place and free passage for participants and competitors. Do not obstruct the forming circle.
7 - Recitations, singing,and the verdicts need the silence of the public, which is a sign of respect towards the work of others.
8 - Young children are the future gozadores of Eistedvod. Do not let that become your current discomfort.
9-By the Eistedvod, you agree to its rules. Heed the verdicts of the jury because they have a teaching function.
10 - Registration is available in a competition to win or lose. But it is above all a manifestation of love in various forms of culture.

Shield of the Eistedvod of Chubut. The work is the result of a contest sponsored by the Festival Organizing Committee. Argentina holds the colors in the center of a stylized daffodil, national flower of Wales. The name of the province of Chubut, under the prominently druidic symbol, who had always chaired this festival .

Review on the Festival from a local Chubut Paper & Award Medallion designed for this occasion

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