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Influential Musicians: Capercaillie: Comments on Discography & Works as Soloists

Comments fom Charlie Mc Kerron and Manus Lunny of Capercaillie about some of their albums. (Extracted from the "Terra" magazine, January 2000, number 9, Spain)

Cascade (Etive, 1984)
"We were not then in Capercaillie. It was a good album to start with, but we only like two or three songs."

Crosswinds (Green Linnet, 1987)
"It's a good album since we only took three days to burn it."

The Blood is Strong (TC Grampian Records, 1988)
"It was at work for a television documentary for the north of Scotland and was about the legacy of the Gaelic world. Then was reprinted to include more topics of other documentaries.

Sidewalk (Green Linnet, 1989)
"It was a very acoustic album and includes two versions of authors we love. Dick Gaughan and John Martin. It was the second album with Green Linnet, which was a mistake. They are horrible people."

Delirium (Survival, 1991)
"Our first big commercial success. It was a very important album for us because we started writing our own songs."

Get Out (Survival, 1992)
"Maybe it was a business plan. Received criticism from fans. They said we had our issues are devoted to recycling."

Secret People (Survival, 1993)
"The production was very expensive, but we were very satisfied, as was much we liked."

Capercaillie (Survival, 1994)
"Another album with old songs, but with Will Mowatt of Soul to Soul, as a producer. We liked working with Angélique Kidjo and here was something that mixes African with Celtic music. For the name of the album we had no other thing.

To the Moon (Survival, 1994)
"Maybe we had a lot of impact in the subject of Rob Roy, but not with the most success we have had. When we were making this record, every one worked quite independently, that is, each one was going to record his part in the study, because in addition to participating in the film we were making music for three documentaries.

Beautiful Wasteland (Survival, 1997)
"A very good album, no waste. We recorded in Spain because we wanted the studio to bring a different place and do something different."

Dusk till Dawn, The Best of Capercaillie (Survival, 1998)
"We chose the songs. It was hard work, some items were added near the end to keep everyone. It is a good sample of what our music has been so far."

Works as Soloists:

-> Karen Matheson:
Although the discs are released as solo work, Capercaillie members made some collaborations.
- The Dreaming Sea, 1996.
- Time to Fall, 2002.
- Downriver, 2005.
-> The Etive: The preceding Capercaillie band, lined up by Donald Shaw and Karen Matheson.
- A Breath of Fresh Air, 1981.
- An Gaol a Thug Mi Og, 1983.
-> Heritage des Celts: Group created by Dan Ar Braz, Breton guitarist for the Cornwall Festival in Quimper in 1992. Musicians brought together the likes of Karen Matheson, Donald Lunny, Alan Stivell and many more. He acquired quite a reputation, fairly sold (100,000 copies) and represented France in Eurovision in 1996.
- L'Heritage des Celts, 1995.
- Live, 1997.
- Finisterre, 1997.
- Zenith, 2001.

-> Michael McGoldrick:
McGoldrick has created and collaborated in many bands, the most notable ones Capercaillie, which he joined in 1997, Moons, Afro Celt Sound System and Kate Rusby's band. He has several solo albums, collaborating with musicians of the stature of John McSherry (Moons):
- Morning Glory, 1996.
- Fused, 2000.
- At First Light, 2001. With John McSherry.
- Wired, 2005.

- * Donald Shaw is best known for his role in Capercaillie, but also took part on the role of programming the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow in November 2006 from Colin Hynd, the festival’s s only previous director, who has moved over to programming the City Halls complex in Glasgow.

-*Manus Lunny w/ Andy M. Stewart
Fire in the Glen (1989)

At It Again (1992)
Dublin Lady (1999)

-*Charlie McKerron & John Saich
Big Sky
(with Marc Duff, Michael McGoldrick & Donald Shaw)
Volume I : The Source (1999)

-*Donald Shaw & Charlie McKerron
Gruth is Uachdar Soundtrack
(with Michael McGoldrick, Manus Lunny & Ewen Vernal)
Gruth is Uachdar (2002)

-*Charlie McKerron
Session A9
What Road? (2003)

Studio albums

· 1984: Cascade

· 1987: Crosswinds

· 1988: The Blood is Strong

· 1989: Sidewaulk

· 1991: Delirium

· 1992: Get Out

· 1993: Secret People

· 1994: Capercaillie

· 1996: To the Moon

· 1997: Beautiful Wasteland

· 1998: Glenfinnan (Songs of the '45)

· 2000: Nàdurra

· 2003: Choice Language

· 2008: Roses and Tears

Live albums and compilations

· 1998: Dusk Till Dawn: The Best of Capercaillie

· 2002: Capercaillie Live in Concert

· 2004: Grace and Pride: The Anthology 2004-1984

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