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Suggested Albums : Maddy Prior "Arthur The King" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

Suggested Albums : Maddy Prior "Arthur The King" by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

With 35 years of brilliant career in the prolific world of British folk, Maddy Prior surprise us with this album Arthur, The King © 2001 Park Records ... more precisely, her number 36 "If the audiencie that does not take into account the traditional music would listen closely they should be pleasantly surprised. The audience has grown up with the idea that the Folk music is not relevant and I do not believe in that ... I would not have wasted 35 years doing something that was totally irrelevant. I want to make a connection, a glance forward. " At a time when traditional music goes beyond the radius of the folk clubs and pubs is common for new female singers acknowledge having heard while growing up and entonado songs of Sandy Denny, Norma Waterson, June Tabor, and of course, Maddy Prior" .

Once more the Arthurians deeds beat to the sound of music and poetry. Not only the figure, but in particular from the Celtic Artus or Arthur, the legendary Warrior King that resists the Anglo-Saxon invasions in the V century is claimed in this wonderful album from British singer Maddy Prior, inevitably linked to the historic band Steeleye Span, though both works Arthur The King, as in her previous Ravenchild, and Flesh & Blood, we discovered a Prior stripped of her Steeleye clothes. Considered its most pretentious album, Maddy gives us a finely care, almost programmatic, with a successful development of bases and arrangements by her usual collaborators: Nick Holland on keyboards and vocals, and Troy Donockley in Irish bagpipes, acoustic guitars and electric utilities, several whistles, cittern and vocals, forming a trio and enrolled in a Celtic style, full of mysticism which recreates the simple beauty of the passages.
Warn of conceptual art from a dark cap, and epic, a clear intention to show us the more visceral side of the feelings and facts, we must not overlook the non-inclusion of the figure of Arthur in art, but of a Saxon warrior cut in front of a withered tree, which semblance of a land ravaged by the invading hordes.
Maddy recounts at all times and serves the characters of each of the songs that make up the core suite of the album namesake. With a torn bagpipe lament in Irish bagpipe , Donockley is responsible for opening the album with The Name of Arthur . Here Maddy strikes furious against the chroniclers of the twelfth century versifing in first-person, the same as it were Arthur "the poet and troubadour, have taken ownership of my name, stole my true story and gave me wrong fame . I was a ruler , A warrior, a chief. Fought for my people fought for my belief. " Under the name of The Hallows item divided into four parts, sometimes instrumental, sometimes with whispered verses, the historic occasion of the Grail used here as an allegory for Prior to her spiritual quest / musical, is based as the backbone of the suite. "The cup of transformation, the stone that falls from the sky, the spearhead of the perception that hurts and heals ... ... colored symbols echo the timeless essence of truth that we seek and we can not find."
Prior has been devoted to dive again on the ground of myths and experiences of human (not to forget their previous album-Ravenchild-) focusing on Arthur as an individual, as tribal chief, as a warrior, as the one that will fulfill the immortal promise of the return and resurgence along with Excalibur, the legendary sword.
Inevitably, the character of Vortirgern appears in the item Venturae Rembering / The Remembrance of the elder, when Rome withdrew its troops from England for not returning. The noble Britons are then suddenly desolate. "Rome was my childhood, soft clothes and linens clean, pillars and mosaics, baths and refined wines. Law and order, but then they left, not to return." Occurs then the Vortirgern pact with the Saxons in exchange for protection against picts in the North and the Irish in the West. "Betrayed and abandoned to the mercy of the battle, the mercenaries of Vortirgern without fear of the law, crossed the seas, hundreds of hundreds, to dispossess them, to steal my native land, to steal my land." And Arthur resurges to "withdraw them back to the sea, beat them deep in their hearts. He's a wild man, Arthur, our King."
A special treatment is given the emergence of Christianity, an event that crystallizes in the subject Sentry, Maddy at its conception interpretates original verses in the form of a psalm with some liturgical service daytime, while she unveils the key to victory for Arthur in battle: the use of cavalry. "harassed the enemy, who walks heavily on the street ... are best marine fighters on the ground. Arthur did not form a strong fighting unit, on fast horses to confuse and stun the invaders. "
Queen and Sovereignty, is perhaps one of the most emotional passages, along the theme Maddy embodies the figure of his loving mate. Recall that by the time the king not only with his betrothed wife, but also with his kingdom ... "I am your queen, the lives of me, their children grow on me, like the wild hazelnut. I am the land of its existence ... our young warriors Britons grow sheltered by their powerful figure. " Warriors who come alive in the strong piece Tribal Warriors / Tribal Warriors: "art is for the weak, arms are for the strong, linked by hatred through deep racial wounds. Warriors are looking leather-covered war, stay in their homes and ensure the well-door. Usually, and always underestimate the impotence, restless and rude, they thrive on fear. "
Arturo died, the tribes were split again and the invaders are gaining ground, running to the Britons towards the hills of Wales, Cumbria, and Cornwall, some migrating to Britain in Armor, in France, settling there. In the piece that gives closure to the suite Once and Future King / former and Future King, Prior power protection almost Talismanica the return of Arturo which Christ Glorioso, why is widely used in medieval sagas. "There is a promise, a promise of return, when everything is anxiety and pain, the once and future king to return home and the garden will flourish again. "
As a corollary to this disturbing and short-suite Maddy additional five cuts us a gift: an original song with Donockley, and four traditional ballads. They include first Reynardine, delivery that is very close to the mysterious style of the classic version of Sandy Denny withFairport Convention featured in the glorious album Liege and Lief, curiously Prior-appreciated in the internal notes to those previously made known these songs and quotes from others to Denny. The second most prominent is a gold brooch for closure of the album, this is a simple and magical version of The Lark in the Morning, a ballad that Maddy had already premiered alongside Steeleye Span in the historical album Please to See The King, which according to Maddy's confession itself has accompanied her since her beginnings in folk
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