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Influential Musicians and Suggested Albums:"Chris Caswell and Danny Carnahan"

My Influential Artists and Favourite Albums:
"Chris Caswell
Danny Carnahan"
-Contemporary Celtic Music In Two Point Perspective-

"Music is magic. Like the trickster’s toy that exists only while his hands move, its edges feather into the physical world. We grew up in the shadow of the last hills before the western sea, learning our sleight of hand from magicians 6000 miles away. In summer, mist clung to the tops of the hills. There in the redwoods the voices of the waves echoed clearly. We’ve heard that the old folk of the islands in the North Sea understood the words in the changing tide as their Gaelic was a memory of the sea’s own tongue. Their harpers and pipers and fiddlers and singers knew the waves as well, sometimes sleeping by a stream to listen for tunes. We wonder what they would have heard beneath these ancient trees along this endless coast. Here is some of what we’ve heard. We dedicate it to all those fiercely gentle poets, then and now, glancing often to the west and the open sea, listening" . (Chris Caswell, 1981)

Danny Carnahan, originally trained as a classical cellist, has been performing playing octave mandolin, guitar, fiddle, singing and recording Celtic music for over 25 years। Beginning in 1971 If anyone ever asked him name the person most responsible for whatever success he had enjoyed in his musical career, he would have to name Mick Fitzgerald. I came across his wonderfull music when I ordered his memorable album with Chris Caswell "New Leaves on an Old Tree" Originally released on LP as Kicking Mule Records KM 313 (1981). This purchase led me to their lovely "Borderlands" album Originally released on LP as Kicking Mule Records KM 316 (1982), which included album design and illustration by the same Danny Carnahan.
He's toured, played festivals and clubs in five countries and 30 states. After the duet period, he recorded with his then wife Robin Petrie five fantastic albums. When not teaching music, writing about music in books and magazines, or novels, he usually is on stage with his "Wake the Dead", the world's only all-star Celtic Grateful Dead jam band, with whom he recorded 3 albums by now.

Luckily both albums were Re-released in 1995 combined on one CD as Gargoyle Records 70103.

click here to purchase them through Danny Carnahan's Official Site

Regarding Chris Caswell, I already knew him for his contributions as member of the Robin Williamson's Merry Band. Chris is well-known in Celtic music circles on the West Coast for his talents as a harper, flutist, Highland piper and percussionist. He also builds harps for a number of years with his then wife Terry. He is the pipe major of the prize-winning City of Petaluma Pipe Band, and maintains a busy teaching schedule. He owns a wonderful site : http://www.caswellharps.com

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