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Memorable Festivals - Santiago de Chile, November 29th & 30th, 2002

Memorable Festivals - Santiago de Chile, November 29th & 30th, 2002
The First American Celtic Festival by Eliseo Mauas Pinto

At the time of writing this brief review comes to my mind the image of a large white poster with the name of BRAN moving at the Arrivals Hall at the airport in Santiago, Chile. Thomas Mussy, a musician with a passion for Celtic, as claimed in height, would be our Chilean chaperone during our brief tour. Were around 13:30 hours on November 29, 2002, and only then with Xandru and our instruments behind aware of being in a neighbouring country. Curiously, with the image of the snowy peaks of The Andes, we felt the feeling of being at home. Go here to thank all those who took part in Santiago in organizing this event.

A truly historic event because it was the First Celtic Festival, in which artists from three Latin American countries Chile, Argentina and Uruguay took part of. It is noteworthy that was about to join the folk band "Gaelic" from Venezuela on Saturday night but this was not possible.

We were surprised by the level of choreographic and musical Chilean artists . Amongst the bands was "Celtic Wind", they already have produced a CD and its repertoire is devoted primarily to traditional Irish music. One of its members plays bagpipes and Irish whistle with surprise we learned of the existence of other musicians dedicated to this instrument. Of his departed guitarist Antil Camacho's proposal BRAN trip to Chile, and was he who mostly co-ordinated the organization of the Festival. After the show we share a spirited sitting next to him and their whistler Francisca Sanchez (who studied for twelve months with Mary Bergin in Ireland) in Flannery's , an attractive Irish pub located in Santiago. Pin that extended session, the pub closed until 7 am the next morning at the home of friends.

Another group participant was "LIR", one of whose members is the piper Andres Soberon who competed twice with his Asturian bagpipes in those memorable events organized in the Asturian Center of Buenos Aires (2000 and 2001) in the selection of South American for pipers Interceltic Festival of Lorient. ( Andres Soberon won at the second opportunity and therefore could participate in the competition for the famous trophy for The Macallan bagpipe in 2001).
It is important to quote the performance of their very good singer, Rosario Abarzúa, who reminded us of the voice of Rosa Cedron in "Chove in Santiago."

A highlight of the first night were the "Veigal of Maipo", with heartfelt interpretations as they did, not being galego, Xandru to give him "homesickness", and my, so, wanting to sing.

Uruguay participated with the Corps Band and Dancing Scottish Bagpipes "Riverside Pipe Band," who outstanded with his show of dances and parades to be very cheered. They attended the following morning near the Scottish local band "Andes Highlanders Pipe Band" of a street parade in the best tradition of Edinburgh.

The note of the night brought the bodies of the best Irish dance style "Riverdance" (Anam Cara) and an almost cinematic originality (Tir Nan Og), along with an actor dressed as a monk Irish theatrical legends of fairies, elves and giants before an expectant audience, which deserves a separate comment on his immense warmth and involvement, either by clapping or chanting as deep listening in silence.

There वास A Grand Finale as in the best tradition of the Ortigueira in Galicia and Aviles in Asturias Festivals, with all participants entering the stage and joining in the "Muiñeira of Boal" as a final salute to the audience, which celebrated generously to each group with their applause .

In short, an event which BRAN is proud to have participated of since, as we were exceeded by the magnitude of the encounter. And for having been the first time that a Celtic Folk band travelled from Argentina, and the first time a harp and a mountain Dulcimer resounded live for our Chileans brothers.

Friday 29/11/02
- Group of Bagpipes Lar Gallego of Santiago.
- Narrator Joseph L. Mellado.
- Group of Tir Nan Og Irish dancing.
- Andres Soberon-Gaita-Asturiana
- Bran (Argentina).
- Group of Anam Cara Irish dancing.
- Riverside Pipe Band (Uruguay).
- Veigal Maipo.
- LIR.

Saturday 30/11/02
- Galician bagpipes Duet Os Derradeiros(Temuco).
- Academy of Irish Dance Sandra Clarens.
- Andes Highlanders Pipe Band.
- Celtic Wind.
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